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        Music Fountain Project, Music Fountain Equipment
        Music Fountain perfectly combines the water spray with the music, which could fully express the music spirit by phantasmagoric water features and colorful lights. In this system, the computer firstly identifies audio frequency and the MIDI signal, then converts them into signal instructions, finally output to control system to command the performance of water and lights. The water features perfectly corresponds with the music beat and color change of lights, that’s why it is called as musical dancing fountain.
         There are 2 types control mode in Musical Fountain: PLC and multimedia. In the later mode, the operator could edit and change the water features performance according to his own understanding to the music by the friendly-operation interface of software.

        It usually take 4 steps to build a music Fountain:
        1. Buyer offer information about the pool's size and shape, and tell us the demand for Music Fountain;
        2. We supply detailed design including:
            a. AUTOCAD Drawings for the Muisc Fountain; 
            b. 2 to 6 Perspective photos for the Fountain; 
            c. Detailed Equipment List
        3.Production and Shipment;
        4. Installation.